The 4x4 Expo is opening its doors for the 3rd year but its roots go all the way back to 2002 !! 

 In 2002 the people who organise the 4x4 Expo started up the British Indoor 4x4 Show.  They ran the Show for  4 or 5 years before the then publishers of Total OffRoad magazine bought the rights to the show from them.

 Unfortunately whilst under the new ownership / management the show declined until in 2012 it was staged for the last time. This left a gap in the market for a 'true 4x4' show so David & team started again at Donington.

 Using the original concept and with the same aims of a show that the public can enjoy and the trade can earn a living at the Donington 4x4 Show was born and ran for the first time in 2013.

 The same format from all those years ago still works today for the trade and public alike - no hype, no frills just a great show where anything you might want to buy for your 4x4 is available from the wide selection of trade there. The Show has a real emphasis on people who actually 'use their 4x4s' rather than just the lifestyle...

2018 An exciting, new chapter begins...

    With no guarantee that Donington will even be available to hire as a venue from now on and the fact that we have sort of 'outgrown the building' the decision was made to find a new home for the event.

Bingley Hall at the Staffordshire County Showground, ST18 0BD provides the perfect new home:

 Just as easy to access  in a central location.  Far bigger main hall with additional hall space for us to grow into without having to move again.

  The first '4x4 Expo' in February of 2018 was a great success really showing the benefits of the new, bigger venue.

 The second  '4x4 Expo' in February of 2019 was an even bigger success with more traders and more visitors


 The first 4x4 Show of the year makes  February the start of Show season - roll on the 2020 4x4 Expo!